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Power Kits

Dodge Cummins Performance Upgrades

Treat your Cummins diesel powered pick up to a Diesel Performance of Utah upgrade kit. Various power levels are available to suit all your towing and performance needs. Our kits are designed to bring the best out of your Dodge. Torque and Horsepower are increased through out the usable r.p.m. range. All our kits undergo thousands of hours of road and in-house dyno testing. Diesel Dynamics revolutionary Cam Plate designs provide usable real world Torque and Horsepower gains without exceeding safe exhaust gas temperatures. Our revolutionary True Torque injectors out perform all others period. All Diesel Dynamics claims are documented and guaranteed.

90 - 93 Cummins powered Dodge pick up trucks are equipped with a mechanical Bosch VE rotary type fuel pump. Bring new life to your 90 - 93 Cummins powered Dodge in about 15 Minutes with a Diesel Dynamics VE pump recalibration kit and True Torque injectors.

93 - 98 Cummins powered Dodge trucks are fitted with the Bosch P7100 (P-Pump) in-line fuel pump. If you are looking for increased towing power, improved throttle response and improved mileage, look no further Diesel Dynamics. Our fuel pump kits and True Torque injector kits will allow you to tailor your vehicles performance to your needs. Diesel Dynamics P7100 fuel pump kits can be installed on any of the 6BT5.9 or 6CT8.3 series engines. Diesel Dynamics also carries True Torque injectors for the 6CT8.3. Performance upgrades are available on special order for up to 300hp gain.

98 1/2 - 99 Cummins powered trucks are equipped with the 24 Valve ISB engine. The ISB comes fitted with the Bosch VP44 electronic fuel pump. Whether your looking for a little more pep or in need of some serious gut wrenching pulling power Diesel Performance of Utah has the answer. Stage 2 & 3 applications require the use of our boost module, which plugs into the existing stock wiring harness. Do it the right way. Do it the Diesel Dynamics way.

Just Released!!! STEALTH INJECTORS - New for the ISB 24v 5.9l Cummins engines. Worried about your warranty being refused? Request Stealth injectors when placing your order. Stealth injectors are available for both Stage 2 and Stage 3 applications. They utilize a stock injector body with the stock part number stamped into them, yet yield Diesel Dynamics' power! $100 extra per set.

All of our Power Kits have been tested for power and smoke. We do not recommend installing our power upgrades in conjunction with other power adding parts, as undesireable smoke may occur. Diesel Performance of Utah will not issue refunds for injectors which cause "too much smoke" when used in conjunction with other power adders.

The above statement has been reprinted with permission from Diesel Dynamics.

90-93 Stage1 Pump Kit
$ 150.00
90-93 Stage 2 Pump Kit and Injectors
 $ 650.00
90-93 Stage 2 Injectors only
$ 500.00
94-98 Stage 1Pump Kit
$ 350.00
94-98 Stage 2 Pump Kit and Stage 2 Injectors
$ 850.00
94-98 Stage 3 Pump Kit and Stage 3 Injectors
$ 950.00
94-98 Stage 2 Injectors
$ 500.00
94-98 Stage 3 Injectors
$ 500.00
99-2000 Stage 1 Injectors
 $ 500.00
99-2000 Stage 2 Injectors
 $ 595.00
99-2000 Stage 3 Injectors
 $ 695.00
ISB Boost Module Required for Stg 3
$ 300.00
99-2000 Stage 1 Injectors
 $ 500.00

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**All prices subject to change without notice**